Ideal Solutions Lab

WeVision EarlyEd is also committed to making the ideal real through an “evergreen” Ideal Solutions Lab that builds and tests solutions generated by families, educators, and administrators.

WeVision EarlyEd Solution Lab Sites

WeVision EarlyEd is beginning to fund and support a cohort of Solutions Lab sites so they can make all components of the ideal child care system real…right now. Here is what this looks like.

At a minimum, participating sites must:

  1. Meet the industry-recognized and holistic quality standards for early childhood education programs of their choice as a baseline. 
  2. Document their impact on child growth and learning.
  3. Define an annual cost per child, based on what it really costs to run a quality-centered and child-centered program.
  4. Compensate early childhood educators, using public school wages as a guide, and intentionally support the well-being of early childhood educators.
  5. Support affordability for families who are eligible for publicly subsidized child care as well as those who aren’t. 


Early childhood education microsites

Small, isolated child care businesses are too frail financially and operationally to offer consistent quality and services. They also place a heavy cost and administrative burden on program owners/administrators and staff. Because of this, WeVision EarlyEd will explore new business models that increase the sustainability and quality of smaller programs. This will include leveraging the capacity and resources of large programs to support the growth and sustainability of smaller programs, while at the same time maintaining their independence and increasing their revenue. Models could include:

  • Leveraging co-habited and low-rent real estate spaces like public schools, hospitals or apartment buildings 
  • Co-creating new franchise models


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