We’re making the ideal real: re-envisioning child care in Washington, D.C. and beyond

The child care system in our country is failing.

Families struggle to find the right options for their young children. High-quality, affordable programs are scarce, especially for infants and toddlers. Educators and administrators are overworked, underpaid and not valued for the critical work they do. The child care system is not funded like it is a part of the public education system, even though learning begins at birth.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

WeVision EarlyEd is a catalyst for making the ideal child care real — as defined by those closest to the system: families, educators and administrators. This ideal system would feature appropriate and equitable funding; simple and streamlined processes; more consistent quality; and shared policy decision-making.

WeVision EarlyEd is designed to guide necessary conversations and test ideal solutions — beginning with the District of Columbia and then influencing other communities across the nation.

Working to make the ideal real

WeVision EarlyEd brought together experts — families, educators and administrators from across Washington, D.C. — to chart a path toward a child care system that will work for everyone. This work includes:

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